Why Everyone Needs a DVR

It DOESN'T say TiVo! Don't sue me!
It DOESN'T say TiVo! Don't sue me!

Yup, this is the DVR logo...

I used to think that TiVo was the most USELESS invention ever. Why would I ever need a Tivo? I had a VCR! ANDDD I was one of the rare few that actually knew how to program it! Yup…I was on top of the world!

It wasn’t until wayyyyy later on (when I actually got a DVR receiver) that I realized what i was missing…it’s like sex with a cheap hooker (VCR) vs sex with your loving wife (DVR): the OUTCOME is basically the same, but with the DVR, you get much better QUALITY, RELIABILITY, plus it will do things that the VCR won’t!

Thank you DVR for making my life better!

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2 Responses to Why Everyone Needs a DVR

  1. waste of 10 seconds says:

    seriously ? that was a short ass story. that’s more like an opinion, and not a very well reasoned one.

    “bro you should get a ***** it’s like **** *** with a woman but on yourself! and without the whole “it hurts!” nonsense.”

  2. Deepu says:

    yup…an “opinion” is exactly what it is! why does that irritate you so much?

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