Top 8 Google Ranking Algorithm Myths That Will Surprise You

Google Myths

MYTH #5:  Google will penalize you for having duplicate content on your site.

This is the one that will piss people off.  Most SEO “experts” say that duplicate content algorithms exist and Google penalizes sites for copying content from other sites.

The Reality:

Time and time again, I’ve disproved this theory.  Initially I developed a “joke stealer” that basically “copied” jokes from other sites, put them into my database, and thereby displayed them on my site.  If a duplicate content penalty existed, my site should have been banned from Google.  Instead, within a month, it was ranked NUMBER ONE!  I’ve since then repeated this logic with multiple other sites, with a 100% success rate!  Duplicate content penalty?  Definitely a MYTH!

MYTH #6:  Having great content alone will ensure high Google rankings.

Many times, in the context of Search Engine Optimization, the phrase “Content is King” gets thrown around.  Basically, if you have top of the line content, your site will rank higher.  Although this is true to some extent, having great content alone can only get you so far.

The Reality:

Having great content is kind of like having a great personality, it can get you pretty far, but only if you already have people that like you.  But getting more fans (visitors to your Website) becomes increasingly difficult.  This one kind of ties with the next myth:

MYTH #7:  Having a great design alone will ensure high Google rankings.

The opposite of #6 – having a great design is kind of like that hot blond across the hall.  Great to look at and play around with, but that’s about it.  Nothing really intellectual comes out of her (no offense to hot blonds).

The Reality:

Spending your money on a top of the line design will NOT increase your Google ranking; the “If you build it, they will come” logic does NOT apply here.  What you need to have is a good combination of beautiful design, and good content in order to increase your Google rank.

MYTH #8:  Having a lot of Facebook “Likes” will increase your site’s Google ranking.

This is a recent fad, almost every company is creating a Facebook page, and aiming to get more and more likes for that page.  This is a great method to increase visibility…of the Facebook page.  Another method of Facebook promotion is to have a Facebook “Share” button on your site, it’s a wonderful way to share your page on Facebook, but it will NOT increase your Google rankings.

The Reality:

Although getting Facebook “Likes” most likely will drive traffic to your site, Google does NOT have access to the “Walls” of individual Facebook users, as that information is not open to search engines.  Therefore, Google cannot use that information as part of it’s algorithm.  There is, however, a way in which Facebook “Likes” can affect your Google Ranking.  The Google+ button, on the other hand, is a whole other story…

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