This is why Ghetto Grocery Stores Suck

Close-up of an information sign at a supermarket's express lane

There is a place that we’ve ALL had to go to at one time or another.  It may take some people a few minutes in there, and it could take some people hours at a time.  But in the end we all see the same long, smelly pieces of……checkout line.

That’s right, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about Ghetto Grocery Stores!  Not your Shop Rite or your Price Chopper, but when they combine to form crazy names like “Price Rite”, you know your in the ghetto.

When there’s a liquor store on one side of it, and a “Rent-to-own” next to a barber shop on the other, you know you’re in the ghetto.

I digress…

I went to the ghetto grocery store Price Rite last week, buying my usual milk and bananas for work.  I figured I could get back to work before my next meeting.  I’m walking towards the express checkout lane, and the next thing you know, bam!  This Puerto Rican lady cuts in front of me.  Pretty quickly too.  All I saw was was a flash of Goya beans, booty, and Coca Cola.  I counted as she placed her items on the belt, 1…2…3…4….5……..10….11….12…13!?………..19!  This chick had NINETEEN items!  What the hell.  Is the sign that says “12 items or less” not clearly visible?  What could possibly cause you to do such a thing?  Ok nobody got hurt, but it was just damn annoying!

Annoyance level (1 to 10):  7

Lesson learned:  Don’t let Puerto Rican ladies cut in front of you

(No offence to Puerto Rican ladies…I love Puerto Rico, and i love ladies)

Take away:  12 items or less, means 12 items or less!  It doesn’t mean “I have a big booty so I can get away with anything!”  NO dammit, unless your J-Lo or potentially some other hot celebrity, you need to adhere to the laws of the grocery store checkout line!

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3 Responses to This is why Ghetto Grocery Stores Suck

  1. Nehru says:

    When you buy more groceries, why should I have to wait in a long line, rather than have a few extra and be able to get done faster? I am paying more than the customer with a less than 10 items, and I should be able to be in and out quickly. Although, I understand your point about grocery stores accommodating to customers who only buy a few items. But, Price-Rice should open another line, so I don’t have to suffer standing behind 5 carts that are stacked to the top with welfare food!

  2. Deepu says:

    lol maybe they need a line for:
    1) 12 items or less
    2) 13 – 20 items
    3) 21+
    4) welfare items! (stacked cart)

  3. Nehru says:

    That is a great idea. I cannot believe I did not think of that.

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