15 Things I’d Rather Do Than Hear My Wife Complain

I'm sure I'd rather be somewhere else...but WHERE!?
Be afraid...

Yup, you know you should run...

Ok, finally, here it is… 15 Things I’d Rather do than Hear My Wife Complain!:

  1. Sit through a chemistry lecture
  2. Play bingo with old people
  3. Sit through a corporate meeting about efficiency and cutbacks
  4. Take the SAT’s, again
  5. Stand in line at the DMV
  6. Go to work
  7. Dishes
  8. Read the phonebook
  9. Repeatedly watch sex and the city
  10. Watch reality TV
  11. Listen to hardcore country music and learn all about how his wife left him for a guy with a bigger truck, newer guitar, and older whiskey
  12. Watch oprah
  13. Write pi, to the last digit, by hand…
  14. Teach math to the worst students of an inner city school, and not the ones that actually have it bad, i mean the ones that are WORSE than that…i’m talking about the ones that have SPOTLESS $150 timbz and repeatedly say “i’m from the ghetto mann…we can’t AFFORD math over there!” becuase they think it’s cool…
  15. Converse with a senile old lady and watch her knit an ugly sweater for her daughter in law for christmas that is purposely 3 sizes too big, which she doesn’t actually want to knit, but she continues knitting because she doesn’t want to spend any part of her pension on that “loose girl with questionable values” that stole her son from her

*Runners up:

16.  Be a vegetarian

Anybody have any more?

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