The Worst Effect of Not Sleeping Enough

The culprit
The culprit

The culprit

With the world moving as fast as it is today, you are probably constantly hearing about how you should get enough sleep, if you don’t, it affects your blah blah blah….weight, immune system, sex drive, skin color, eye color, hair color, etc…and you probably think some of that research is crap…well let me tell you a true story…

Every morning at work, I have a 9:00 meeting with the client test team (We are in the middle of a huge project to deliver to the state of CT). Usually, before that, I take my bathroom break.

Monday morning:
8:45 AM – Enjoying my bathroom break on my iPhone…

8:59 AM – Walking to the test room to meet with the clients…

…As i’m walking, my thighs feel a cooling sensation…I’m thinking to myself, wow what a nice breeze!

9:00 AM – Begin meeting with the clients

9:15 AM – Walking back to my desk…

…I feel the same “breeze” on my upper thighs! (Which felt great because it was 80-something degrees outside)…

9:16 AM – get back to my desk…

…….oh shit….i forgot to zip up my pants! anddd…these stupid dress pants don’t have a button, it’s a HOOK! And because of my belt, the front of my pants got slightly bunched together, which made the hook open…

So basically I just had a meeting with the clients, dress pants, dress shirt, and a tie, WITH MY PANTS OPEN!

What does this have to do with sleep you ask? Wellllll! If I had gone to sleep on time and gotten enough rest, I COULD HAVE put 2 and 2 together, and maybe realized that the “cool breeze down there” was because I was walking with my pants open! I was just too tired to realize that my zipper might be open and that I should probably look down at myself!

Get some rest people!

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2 Responses to The Worst Effect of Not Sleeping Enough

  1. Patel says:

    This is a hilarious story. In high school, all day I felt that my seats were damp cold. Everywhere I went, I felt a breeze or felt that the seats were cold. I don’t usually wear underpants and I walked by these two hot girls and they were laughing. I assumed they were laughing because I didn’t realize I had a huge rip on my buttocks area. It was a threadbare cut, so it was somewhat see through

  2. Deepu says:

    haha! but I’m sure it probably made it MUCH easier to take a shit during school 🙂

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