The Story of Ghetto Sticky

You got the wrong guy!  It's just cause I'm black, you racist pig!

Sooooo Ghettooo!

This is the story of Ghetto Sticky – the stick nigga (ghetto stick figure) from my “Draw Something” games…enjoy!

There lived in the ghetto, once upon a time,
A young lad named sticky, who was quiet as a mime.

Sticky hated crime, it angered him deep,
So he turned to rhyme, to pay for his keep.

Then came a day, he checked his bill for Discover,
An unearthly balance!  That even rhyming couldn’t cover.

A few days in debt, Sticky’s life had gotten screwie,
Without many options, he turned to the Don…Stewie!

Victory shall be mine!

The Don’s influence was bad, for he lead The Mob,
He made Sticky a bad guy, doing bad jobs.

The first job for Sticky, to increase his cash flow,
Was punching kids on the slide, and selling them the photos.

Say Cheese!

This worked for a while, but soon stopped the sliding,
The kids grew scared and just ended up hiding.

Ghetto Sticky again, was broke off his ass,
Again to the Don, who gave him a new task.

“What else can I do?”  Our hero inquired,
The Don said with an evil grin, “BULLY FOR HIRE!”

Stewie trained our hero, until he was ready fully,
Ghetto Sticky thus became, the Big Black Bully!

Working for the Don, with his belt buckle fastened,
Our hero made his money as a wedgie assassin.

I'll pull that sh*t up with the quickness!

But word soon got around, to kids everywhere,
To stop the wedgies, they just stopped wearing underwear.

Alas, once again, Ghetto Sticky was in debt,
This time the Don asked, “Do you know how to bet?”

Finally our Sticky, could afford all the ice,
With a life of illegal gambling, cards, and dice.

Stop! Drop! and ROLL...cause I'm on FIRE!

Our hero was so rich, he, himself couldn’t stop.
Until one fine day, he was caught by the cops.

You got the wrong guy! It's just cause I'm black, you racist pig!

“It wasn’t me!” he pleaded at the station, almost scared shitless,
But in the lineup he was picked, by a very sharp witness.

The witness must be blind, we all look alike!

Ghetto Sticky was in trouble, a tear he did shed,
When all of a sudden, he woke up!  In his own bed!

There was no slide, no dice, or a Don that looked funny,
And the best part of all, no pulling underwear for money!

“Thank you GOD!” Our hero did scream…
As Biggie once said, “It was all a dream!”

It was all a dream...

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