The Path to Good Karma

The Way to Good Karma

Wouldn’t it be great if you always knew that God was on YOUR side?

If you are here, you probably already know what Karma is, but for those of you that DON’T know, it’s basically just saying that whatever you do, will come back to you.  Not [always] in a one-for-one type of thing, like I killed somebody’s cat, so later on my cat will get killed (No cats were harmed during the posting of this blog).  But it’s more equivalent to “You reap what you sow”.  If you do bad, bad will be done to you, and if you do good, good will be done to you.

So the question becomes, how does one OBTAIN good Karma.  Well, the simple solution is just to do good in the world!  Make people happy!  And you will be happy.  But that’s not why you’re here…

Well, think about karma like a point system, a debit card perhaps.  The more good you do in the world, the more points you get!  When the time comes that you need a certain number of points for some good thing to happen in your life, your points will be cashed in!

For example, last week somebody left an iPod Touch at our dance studio.  At first I thought, “hey free iPodTouch!” but that quickly faded…stupid conscience.  I plugged it into iTunes to check the name, and it gave me an Asian name, lets call him Jackie Chan.  So I already knew that it belonged to one of the kids that take Kung Fu lessons at the studio we are renting for our dance school.  Long story short, I went and returned the iPod the next day, little Jackie Chan was so happy!

My karma credits (lets call them KC) -> Went UP!

Fast forward to this morning:
I’m driving to work, it’s a misty morning.  I can’t see out of my side-view mirrors because they’re covered with condensation.  I have a 9:00 meeting that I have to facilitate, but before that I need to take a shit.  Time check, it’s almost 8:30.

…the next thing you know, TRAFFIC!  Okay so how do I deal with traffic on the way to work?:  Cross over the divider to the diamond lane!  But the problem is, I can’t see out of my side views.  I wait for a car to pass, and quickly I try to fly over, but wait, I see an outline of a black car RIGHT next to me!  I ALMOST hit it!  But luckily I saw it, and pulled back into the divider.

By this point, my comfort level is VERY low, (partially because I have to take a shit), but I figure the longer that I’m in the divider, the higher the chances that a cop sees me crossing over.  So finally I let that stupid black car pass and I get behind him in the HOV lane.  The idiot hits the brakes just to piss me off, whatever…

Speaking of cops, next thing you know, cop lights are going off behind me!  Apparently, behind the black car was some other car, and behind the other car was a cop!  Holy crap, the other car moves to the side, and now the cop is right behind me…lights on, tailing my ass.  F*CK!

At this point I’m just thinking of what I could say to the cop when he pulls me over:  I’m in a rush?  I have to get to a meeting?  It’s a holiday?  I have no idea…

It IS a holiday!  It’s the end of Naraatein (Navratri) so I’m not eating meat or eggs today…maybe that helped me out today too…

The cop’s lights are on, the diamond lane divider is ending, because there’s a merge at this point to the actual highway.  I put my right turn signal on, telling the cop that I’ll TRY to pull over, but there’s not much room…F*CK

Wait?  What?  He turned his lights off!  I merged into the regular highway, skipped a bit of traffic, and the cop just drove away!  He was ON my tail, lights on, and all of a sudden he turned his lights off, and DROVE away!

…maybe he thought there wasn’t enough space for me to pull over and he didn’t want to interfere with traffic
…Or maybe he didn’t even see me cross the divider
…Or maybe my karma helped out! 🙂

Karma credits -> slightly lower, but boy am I happy that I collected enough KC to spend today…

KARMA IS REAL!  Think of your karma in terms of credits (“Karma Credits” = KC).  The more credits you build up, the better karma you will have.  And, unlike money, KC is a TRUE measure of how wealthy you are.  KC can cause you to lose/gain money.  KC can also save your life!

Every time you do something good, good will be done to you.  It may not happen instantly, it may be something that happens tomorrow, next week, or maybe even in fifty years!  But, just know that when something happens and you think “it’s a miracle!”  …It’s actually your karma coming back to you 🙂

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