Swamiji Nithyananda – Naked People Today #2

Doing Personal Things With Each Other

Yea I REALLY don’t know what’s going on today…Another top google search right now is:  nityananda and actress.

A couple facts:

  • Nithyananda is basically the guru of Tamil Nadu
  • Nithyananda is a SWAMI (very respectful term, basically a spiritual master)
  • This guy owns an Ashram too!

Swami Nithyananda - I'm Only Human!

So why the top searches?  Nope it’s not people looking for his Ashram, well actually maybe some of the searches are, because there were MANY attacks on that place after they saw his SEX TAPE!  Yea…


Sun News released a video tape featuring Swamiji and an actress. They were lying on a bed and doing personal things with each other.

(source:  puggal.com)

Lol you’ve gotta love the wording on these fobby news sites…”doing personal things with each other”…

Doing Personal Things With Each Other

Doing Personal Things With Each Other

Apparently the girls in the sex tape are famous Tamil actresses:  Ragasudha and Ranjitha.

I can almost guarantee that people will watch more of their movies, I don’t care who they are.  Shoot, I kind of wanna watch one of their movies now too 🙂

Lessons Learned:

  • Religious people need lovin too…we learned this with many catholic priests as well.
  • For SUPER quick marketing, sleep with a Swami.
  • If you are a religious figure, and you are planning on participating in a Sex Scandal, make sure that your properties are fully insured!

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