3 Ways to Improve your Google Ranking Right Now

Previously (what seems like a lifetime ago), I wrote an article about Google Ranking Myths that left some people confused:  “If incoming links and/or pagerank don’t really help me, then WHAT does!?  More »

Top 8 Google Ranking Algorithm Myths That Will Surprise You

The Internet is a crazy thing.  It makes the world a much smaller place, merely by allowing just about anybody to find just about anything at just about any time.  And whenever More »

The Story of Ghetto Sticky

This is the story of Ghetto Sticky – the stick nigga (ghetto stick figure) from my “Draw Something” games…enjoy! There lived in the ghetto, once upon a time, A young lad named More »

How [NOT] to Nurse a Baby

Being a new parent (my daughter is eight months old as of yesterday), I get tons of advice from people on how to raise my kid.  And when I say people, I mean More »

How to Get Somebody Pulled Over

Arguably, EVERYBODY gets road rage at one point or another. Some people may get it MORE than others, some may get it WORSE than others. Today I learned that WHEN you cut More »

15 Things I’d Rather Do Than Hear My Wife Complain

Ok, finally, here it is… 15 Things I’d Rather do than Hear My Wife Complain!: Sit through a chemistry lecture Play bingo with old people Sit through a corporate meeting about efficiency More »


The Lazy Song – Songs that Suck

So I’m starting a new topic on this blog, a topic about songs that SUCK, and I couldn’t think of any better way to get it started than with that stupid new

Tropical Sunset

Well you can’t really see the tropical, probably because it’s urban society!  i.e. this photo was taken while going for our after dinner walk down the street!  And it was taken with

Lonely Desert Plant

This picture was actually taken in my back yard!  We got our pool removed and it left this stupid dirt that I need to take care of…but in the meantime, these crazy

Ganesh Ji Close-Up

So I just bought a new camera! DSLR, Canon T3i….wonderful! This is the first picture that i took…

Kaala Peela – The Real Black and Yellow

Move over Wiz Khalifa! You’ve had enough fame with your stupid song about two colors. It might just be the dumbest song ever, but it’s so damn catchy! So, when the two

May 21 – Rapture – How to Cope

Okay so basically based on a Christian calendar, the RAPTURE is coming tomorrow! (Saturday, May 21st). What does that mean? It means that He (God? Jesus? I don’t know), will come down

Osama Bin Laden is dead…Really?

ok so let me get this straight, we took about 10 years searching for this guy who was apparently something like a “hairy” Houdini (escape artist). We could never find him because

Google Panda Update Tricks – Tips

Ok so I figured out how to get past the latest Google algorithm update!  Codenamed “Panda” or “Farmer” or some crap, so here are my google panda tips and tricks for how to stay

mmxl on Google

ok…first of all, you searched the WRONG thing!  it does NOT say “mmxL”, it says “mmxi” …but that’s okay!  I wrote this post for people like you!  (which equals people like me,

35 Signs that You’re Addicted to Halo Reach

So I just recently got my copy of Halo Reach on black friday. I’ve been good for quite some time, my last addiction was Gears of War 2, but I’ve gotten over