Osama Bin Laden is dead…Really?



ok so let me get this straight, we took about 10 years searching for this guy who was apparently something like a “hairy” Houdini (escape artist). We could never find him because he was just too good at hiding…

When I say “We” I mean America; I don’t have a personal private search party looking for this guy.

But yea back to the point: So we couldn’t find him for about ten years, and now, all of a sudden, a small group of American soldiers went somewhere, had a FOURTY minute firefight with Bin Laden’s men, KILLED him, GOT the body, and there were NO American deaths or injuries, little or no civilian casualties?

…it just kind of seems a bit, TOO EASY…

I mean okay, if it were Jack Bauer, I would believe it, but come on! Are you guys seriously telling me that:

  • This guy, whom we couldn’t find for ten years, was all of a sudden a readily available, like toilet paper?
  • One of the ten most wanted criminals in the world didn’t have enough security to even INJURE one out of
    the 25 attackers?
  • BUT there WAS enough security to maintain a 40 minute firefight? (Death of Osama Bin Laden on Wikipedia)
  • Somehow, a random guy happened to be in the same town and Tweeted the whole thing, starting with a tweet about a helicopter? But his blog (reallyvirtual.com) is hosted by a hosting company in Utah. Sohaib Athar, if you’re real, I’d love to hear from you!
  • Jack Bauer was nowhere to be found this whole time…

Yea I just don’t know how much of this story I believe.

I don’t know if it was terrorists that caused 9/11 or if it was the US Government, but either way: R.I.P 9/11 victims, and may God Bless your families.

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