Naina vs The Eye

Freaky Ass Urmila - Yea She's Not Sexy Anymore...

After pondering for a few minutes about Daddy Cool vs Death at a Funeral, my mind began wandering between the realm of Hollywood vs Bollywood.  Usually Desi movies are the ones that copy American ones, but there WAS one case in which I recall an American movie coming out significantly after it’s Bollywood counterpart! 

I saw this somewhat freaky movie called Naina (2005) starring – my used to be favorite actress – Urmila.  Basically, she lost her eyesight when she was young, blah blah blah….and then she gets a transplant she can see again.  But, beware!  She can see crazy shit!  Yea yea okay whatever….anyways…does this plot sound familiar?

How about the EXACT American copy of this movie!  It’s called The Eye, with yet another one of my favorite actresses – Jessica Alba.  Funny thing is, long before The Eye came out, I already saw Naina in the $5.00 box at Wal-Mart…   Yes thats right folks…an AMERICAN Walmart with a $5.00 Indian movie…what is going ON!?

So?  Conclusion?  Hollywood finally copied Bollywood?

YES!  Finally!  I was so sure of it!  Until about five minutes ago when I looked it up…….

The Eye (2008, Jessica Alba) was a remake of a 2002 Hong Kong film called…get ready for this…The Eye!  Only Difference is that Hollywood paid the original writers to use their story…Bollywood on the other hand did not….

Why am I not surprised?

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