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ok…first of all, you searched the WRONG thing!  it does NOT say “mmxL”, it says “mmxi” …but that’s okay!  I wrote this post for people like you!  (which equals people like me, because i actually searched for “mmxL” myself, but I have an excuse!  I played over 7 hours of Call of Duty – Black Ops today!)

….but I digress……

MMXI on Google’s new years doodle (logo) actually stands for something!  Yes that’s right, don’t try to say the word out loud, because it’ll sound like “Mixi”, (fobby Indian word for a blender, i.e.:  “Put all the ingredients in the mixi and mix until pulpified!”). 

So what does MMXI stand for?  Well, have you seen Rocky IV?  You know what the IV stands for?  Yea, I didn’t back in elementary school.  I went to school the next day and started bragging about how my parents let me stay up late last night to watch “Rocky Eye Vee”!  So you see the importance of paying attention when learning Roman Numerals!  Another situation in which NOT knowing your Roman Numerals could get you in trouble was seen in that Simpsons episode, where Bart had to pick a certain number door to save himself, but the doors were marked with Roman Numerals!

….I digress again……

Ok so here’s a quick lesson in Roman Numerals!:

  • M = 1,000
  • X = 10
  • I = 1

Ok so if we have two “M’s”, thats 2,000.  Add an “X” in there, and you get 2010.  And add that last “I”, and voila!  MMXI actually stands for 2011!

Thank you Google for, once again, making the world a little less stupid! 🙂

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