May 21 – Rapture – How to Cope

Look for this Church...

Look for this Church...

Okay so basically based on a Christian calendar, the RAPTURE is coming tomorrow! (Saturday, May 21st). What does that mean? It means that He (God? Jesus? I don’t know), will come down and take the “Good” people, and leave the bad ones to suffer for the next five months, until the end of the world (October 21st). Now let’s say you don’t make the cut? How would you cope!? It’s basically like your father came down, took your brothers and sisters, and told you “ehhh, you didn’t live up to my standards, so basically just rot in Hell 🙂 enjoy!”

One way to cope is by doing a “Church drive by” on Sunday. No I don’t mean shoot people…I mean drive by, see who’s inside, and then point at them and yell (In Nelsons voice, from the Simpsons): “Ahhhh Haaaa!!! You weren’t selected!!”

No offense to Christians!

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