Lisa Ellis – Naked People Today

What’s up with all the drama today? Topping Google searches at number ONE is “Lisa Ellis”, Wyclef Jean’s Manager. Apparently, Wyclef’s wife – Marie Claudinette – found a naked picture of Lisa on Wyclef’s phone.  Marie obviously isn’t the sit-back-and-let-me-hear-the-explanation-type, because she took some action!:

  1. She made Wyclef FIRE Lisa
  2. She sent that naked picture to other people in the music industry.

My main question to Marie is…WHY THE HELL are you giving MORE publicity to this chick that you obviously don’t like? 

she also e-mailed the nude picture to a number of people in the music business


So basically, at least ONE of those people will probably call and offer Lisa a high paying job, she wins. 

The guy (most likely a guy) that hires her gets a hot manager, he wins. 

The photographer that TOOK the “artsy” picture, described as a:

black-and-white photo showed Ellis standing face-forward with her hands covering her nether regions

yea more publicity for this photographer…he wins too!

The losers here:  Marie Claudinette, and her poor (not really poor), managerless husband, Wyclef Jean.

Nice work Marie!

Lessons learned: 

  • Don’t go through your man’s phone!
  • Lock your phone when not in use to prevent unauthorized access!
  • If you want free publicity, go have an affair with somebody…

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