Internet Explorer 6 Funeral – Goodbye IE6!

R.I.P Internet Explorer 6

R.I.P Internet Explorer 6
Over the last nine years, browsing the Web has been exponentially increasing as a hobby for people with or without jobs. In and out of the office alike, people just can’t stop Googling. Rich people, poor people, ugly people, sexy people, skinny people, fat people, nerds, jocks, thugs, goths, and that quiet kid that nobody wants to be friends with but everybody is still nice to because they are all scared that he’s gonna come back to the school in 6 months with a semi-automatic weapon to shoot anybody that ever said anything mean to him…what did all of these people have in common at some point over the last nine years? INTERNET EXPLOER 6.0!

Since 2001, Intnernet Explorer 6 has helped us get through the best of times, and the worst of times.  When everybody was searching for information about 9/11, many people used the IE6 that they had just installed 2 weeks earlier.  It was also probably used by the terrorists to search for the timings of the flights that they had to hijack.  Hmm…I guess that means IE6 somewhat aided terrorism on 9/11.  Can we prosecute her?  NO…because today we celebrate her funeral!

Sure there were other, better looking, friendlier, and quicker browsers, such as netscape, firefox, opera, my iPhone safari, but that doesn’t make IE6 so bad!  She was there when you needed her!  Sure she didn’t understand the whole meaning of tabbed browsing, but you could always right click and “open in a new window” any link that you wanted!  And honestly I kind of got used to having 17 browser windows open at any given moment, and whenever I wanted to ALT-TAB, she was there!  You just don’t see that these days.  Thats why there are sites like SaveIE6, that are trying to recessitate this chick because they just can’t move on, can’t let go, or just simply have problems finding another female companion…

And yes I KNOW for sure IE6 was a female.  How, you ask? Well, for one thing, she ALWAYS wanted upgrades.  Whining all the time, “get me this security patch”….”I want a new toolbar!”  Secondly, she would ONLY open the sites she WANTED to open.  I mean like if she didn’t want to display a site correctly, SHE JUST WOULDN’T DO IT!  Stubborn ho!  That’s why I replaced you with your older sister!

But seriously if you don’t have a new browser yet, you better get one soon!  As of this past Monday, Google Docs and Google Sites stopped supporting it.  And as of March 13, YouTube is no longer supporting it either!

R.I.P Internet Explorer 6.0!

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