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This time their heads are up their...

Ok so I figured out how to get past the latest Google algorithm update!  Codenamed “Panda” or “Farmer” or some crap, so here are my google panda tips and tricks for how to stay in the top 10 for your SERPS!

This time their heads are up their...

Oopsy that was a typo, instead of typing “tips & tricks” i meant to write “SUCKS”  I freaking hate google right now!  They were my favorite for EVERYTHING (searching, making money online, analytics, shopping, finding a cheap date [joke]), well they still kind of are my favorite, but this new panda update to their algorithm is complete bullshit.  Apparently it started around february or some garbage, but i didn’t feel it until this past monday (4/11/2011), my traffic slowly went lower and lower and lower…

for instance: is no longer #1 for south indian recipes, its #2 now, but my traffic is cut to around 40% of what it used to be!  I’m guessing all my sub pages got screwed over too… is now in the top 500!  it used to be in the top 10 when searching for racist jokes, complete garbage!!!  I had already been banned from adsense because of racist content, but now i dropped around 500 spots!?  WTF google!?

and finally we look at …yes, look at the site, there is ZERO content, NOTHING!  Just one sentence, and links to two of my other sites, and yet, that site is in the top 50 when searching for “indian cooking recipes”, great job google! 

did somebody forget to manage the QA process when this new algorithm was being coded?  Like did we forget that “no content = bad”?  cuz at the moment the only sites on top are

  1. Spammer sites
  2. “brand name” sites (wikipedia, youtube, etc.)

ok so back to the point at hand, how to stay on top of google!  I figured out the algorithm!:

  1. You must have a brand name site that everybody knows about
  2. …or have a complete garbage site with no content on it
  3. if you copy somebody elses content, you will be banned
  4. if you are a “brand name” site and copy somebody elses content, google will reward you with riches beyond your wildest dreams
  5. therefore, DO NOT copy other peoples content, UNLESS you are either:  1)  a “brand name” site, or, 2) owned by google, i.e. YouTube
  6. if you are in competition with Google, even being a brand name site will not help you, for example, Microsoft owned CIAO (shopping site) got screwed, sorry Bill Gates, theres a new definition of MONOPOLY these days…

UPDATE – 4/15/2011:  Googles stock “GOOG” dropped $45 dollars in a single day!  awesome job guys!

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