Death at a Funeral…Daddy Cool?

Ok so yesterday I took my wife out to see Cop Out…funny movie!  Not as funny as I thought it would be, but still worth a matinee viewing.  But I digress…

Lets get back to the important issue, the previews!  One of the previews was for a movie called Death at a Funeral, starring Chris Rock, Zoe Saldana (that chick from avatar), Martin Lawrence, etc.  Basically a black comedy, which looks funny as hell.  BUT, while watching the preview, I realized:  I’ve seen this movie already!  Almost EXACTLY down to the details with the extasy and the gay guy and all that… I haven’t seen an English version, it was some Hindi movie, the name of which I could NOT for the life of me remember.  It was some crap Hindi film that didn’t really hit the box office; I just happened to see a bootleg DVD it it turned out to be a funny movie.

<googling>I’m looking for the name of that Hindi movie</googling>

GOT IT!:  It was called Daddy Cool!  Sunil Shetty, a few good looking chicks, and it was based in Goa.  Wow that’s pretty crazy!  It would be one of the first times that an AMERICAN movie copied a HINDI movie!  I should be proud!  YAYY! 

Ok calm down, a few more Google searches proved that theory to be wrong as well.  Apparently, the Hindi version, Daddy Cool, just copied the BRITISH film, Death at a Funeral!  What kind of crap is that…

…and I thought Bollywood was finally pioneering the movie industry…what was I thinking!

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