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May 21 – Rapture – How to Cope

Okay so basically based on a Christian calendar, the RAPTURE is coming tomorrow! (Saturday, May 21st). What does that mean? It means that He (God? Jesus? I don’t know), will come down

Osama Bin Laden is dead…Really?

ok so let me get this straight, we took about 10 years searching for this guy who was apparently something like a “hairy” Houdini (escape artist). We could never find him because

Google Panda Update Tricks – Tips

Ok so I figured out how to get past the latest Google algorithm update!  Codenamed “Panda” or “Farmer” or some crap, so here are my google panda tips and tricks for how to stay

mmxl on Google

ok…first of all, you searched the WRONG thing!  it does NOT say “mmxL”, it says “mmxi” …but that’s okay!  I wrote this post for people like you!  (which equals people like me,

Internet Explorer 6 Funeral – Goodbye IE6!

Over the last nine years, browsing the Web has been exponentially increasing as a hobby for people with or without jobs. In and out of the office alike, people just can’t stop

Swamiji Nithyananda – Naked People Today #2

Yea I REALLY don’t know what’s going on today…Another top google search right now is:  nityananda and actress. A couple facts: Nithyananda is basically the guru of Tamil Nadu Nithyananda is a

Lisa Ellis – Naked People Today

What’s up with all the drama today? Topping Google searches at number ONE is “Lisa Ellis”, Wyclef Jean’s Manager. Apparently, Wyclef’s wife – Marie Claudinette – found a naked picture of Lisa

Top 10 Dirty Dr. Seuss Quotes

Ok first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DR. SEUSS!  You were a great man! If you didn’t already know…today is Dr. Seuss’s bday! This post is in honor of this wonderful guy.

Naina vs The Eye

After pondering for a few minutes about Daddy Cool vs Death at a Funeral, my mind began wandering between the realm of Hollywood vs Bollywood.  Usually Desi movies are the ones that copy

Death at a Funeral…Daddy Cool?

Ok so yesterday I took my wife out to see Cop Out…funny movie!  Not as funny as I thought it would be, but still worth a matinee viewing.  But I digress… Lets