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How [NOT] to Change Baby’s Diaper

Changing a baby’s diaper kind of like performing a kidney transplant: 1) Most people have NO idea how to do it, and… 2) During peak times of need, it’s almost impossible to

How [NOT] to Calm a Crying Baby

So your baby wakes up crying, and also wakes you up from that wonderful dream you were having about not having a baby. What do you do? If you’re reading this from

How [NOT] to Swaddle (Bundle) Your Baby

After having nursed your baby, it’s usually a good idea to burp her and then bundle her so that she can sleep peacefully…and not bother you. Bundling, (as in “bundle of joy”)

How [NOT] to Nurse a Baby

Being a new parent (my daughter is eight months old as of yesterday), I get tons of advice from people on how to raise my kid.  And when I say people, I mean