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How [NOT] to Change Baby’s Diaper

Changing a baby’s diaper kind of like performing a kidney transplant: 1) Most people have NO idea how to do it, and… 2) During peak times of need, it’s almost impossible to

The Story of Ghetto Sticky

This is the story of Ghetto Sticky – the stick nigga (ghetto stick figure) from my “Draw Something” games…enjoy! There lived in the ghetto, once upon a time, A young lad named

How [NOT] to Calm a Crying Baby

So your baby wakes up crying, and also wakes you up from that wonderful dream you were having about not having a baby. What do you do? If you’re reading this from

How [NOT] to Swaddle (Bundle) Your Baby

After having nursed your baby, it’s usually a good idea to burp her and then bundle her so that she can sleep peacefully…and not bother you. Bundling, (as in “bundle of joy”)

How [NOT] to Nurse a Baby

Being a new parent (my daughter is eight months old as of yesterday), I get tons of advice from people on how to raise my kid.  And when I say people, I mean

Kaala Peela – The Real Black and Yellow

Move over Wiz Khalifa! You’ve had enough fame with your stupid song about two colors. It might just be the dumbest song ever, but it’s so damn catchy! So, when the two

35 Signs that You’re Addicted to Halo Reach

So I just recently got my copy of Halo Reach on black friday. I’ve been good for quite some time, my last addiction was Gears of War 2, but I’ve gotten over

Why Everyone Needs a DVR

I used to think that TiVo was the most USELESS invention ever. Why would I ever need a Tivo? I had a VCR! ANDDD I was one of the rare few that

The Worst Effect of Not Sleeping Enough

With the world moving as fast as it is today, you are probably constantly hearing about how you should get enough sleep, if you don’t, it affects your blah blah blah….weight, immune

Punjabi Confidence!

So I just got this chain e-mail…which I thought was worth re-posting!: Punjabiyan di Shaan: George Bush was sitting in his office wondering whom to invade next when his telephone rang. ‘Hello,