3 Ways to Improve your Google Ranking Right Now

3 Ways to Improve your Google Ranking Right Now

Trick #3:  Improve your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate, if you don’t already know, is not a measure of the frequency that your girlfriend [BLANK][BLANK] in bed.  You fill in the blanks.  It’s actually the percentage of users that LEAVE your site.  This is actually supplemental to CTR (described above).  Let’s continue with the monkey brains example.  If 100 people get to your site by searching “monkey brains recipe”, and 90 people click the BACK button and click on another site in the results, you have a couple of problems.  First, why the f*ck would you eat the brains of cute little animals, you monster!  Secondly, you now have a 90% bounce rate!  Your site will most likely move lower on search results because, algorithmically, it doesn’t relate to “monkey brains recipe” as much as you’d like it to.

Improve this by:

Keep people on your site!  Have a great design, accompanied by wonderful content, and maybe split it up into multiple pages so that people DON’T click that back button!  Make sure that the user has a good experience.  If your site LOOKS trustworthy, people will stay, and Google will improve your rankings because of it.

That concludes this article, but don’t worry, there are more tips coming soon!

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  1. […] Although this may be the case for some search engines, “some” search engines probably wont be used by the majority of the population.  It looks like Google’s algorithm has nothing to do with meta tags on a page.  A number of my sites are built from a custom CMS framework that I had put together, but the problem was, I threw it together too quickly and didn’t build functionality for dynamic meta tags!  Instead, the same meta tags (keyword AND description) were repeated throughout each page for any given site.  Guess what…A couple of these sites have been sitting at the #1 spot on Google for years now!  There IS however, a way that having proper meta tags CAN help you in rank higher in Google. […]

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